Love of a Lifetime ~ Outlander Series

I love historical fiction, and when I told a relative that she said I just had to read the Outlander series. I’ve never been a romance, travel through time to meet your soul mate type of reader, but I ordered the book (because there aren’t anymore bookstores around anymore – such a shame really. I’ll rant about that at a later time!) and fell in love with Claire and Jamie’s love. It isn’t a sappy, romance novel, but an exciting adventure that happens to have the main characters in a fierce love that challenges their worlds. It is historical fiction to the point that it happens to take place during the 18th century between Scotland and the young, southern America. I’m actually going to be re-reading this series because there’s going to be a show on cable starting this summer based on the books. I cannot wait to check this show out! Highlanders? *swooooon* I did catch a little bit about who the actors are that will be playing my beloved Claire and Jamie, and I think they’re perfect!

Outlander series has several books, 7 at this moment and an 8th coming out next month. So, if you’re looking for a new book to read and you don’t want the story to end, check the series out! They’re authored by Diana Gabaldon, who I really admire and find a lot of inspiration from.

Really? Really??


I am having the hardest time figuring this whole process of a “blog” out… I’ve been half confused, half pissed, and 100% chasing the little one away from the cats tail (they poop way to close to that duster, if you know what I mean?). Wow, I sound old (queue the grumpy old man guarding his lawn). This is a hell of a lot of work! I got some great advice from the ONE blogger that talked to me! By the way, for the record, it wasn’t like I was asking a heck of a lot of people for advice, but he helped me and was so awesome and cool about it. So, when I become more educated on this damn site, and posting, and the “why the HELL isn’t this being posted under that,” and whatnots I would sincerely be open to helping another clueless person with the process.



I’ve been trying to get this written all day! Now that I’m actually sitting down to write it I feel like it’s a complete ramble… Well, isn’t that what this whole thing is about?? Yea! Finally, I can ramble on without getting a blank stare back from my 16 year old! Or my two year old… Speaking of, let’s talk about my two year old.

She’s a blonde haired, blue eyed little cherub. When she’s sleeping. Yea, yea, all two year old kids are spunky and mischievous, but mine takes that description and amplifies it by a thousand. I have birthed the most demanding kid ever to walk the Earth! And, by demanding I mean with a capital ‘D’ and screeching ‘manding’.

I truly believe I’ll be deaf in the next year. I think her father is going deaf now. He can ignore the scream for her “juicy” better than I can. Oh, he’ll get the juice for her, but he’ll do it with grace. Me? I feel like sirens are going off and act accordingly. Heading to the fridge in a panic, as my heart is jumping out of my chest.

Today the demand was for ice cream. ‘Cone’ she calls it. Rather, ‘cone’ she screams it. Cooooone! Let me explain so that you can picture it: that show with the baaaaaing sheep is on in the background (pure torture…), I’m doing laundry peacefully, and I look down to see her red faced, pointing at the fridge, and screaming cone at the top of her lungs. Yes, it goes from zero to the end of the world in a matter of milliseconds.

Ask my oldest daughter if you think I’m exaggerating. My oldest, a 16 year old, who inspired many a baby born because of her demeanor as a child, never behaved like that. Ever. I know, every child is different (and I can attest to that because I have three – two girls and one boy), and I agree with you. Let me put it this way: I probably never would have started this blog if it weren’t for my two year old *applause all around* and her oh, so different manner.

Here’s to you little one!

xo, mama