Really? Really??


I am having the hardest time figuring this whole process of a “blog” out… I’ve been half confused, half pissed, and 100% chasing the little one away from the cats tail (they poop way to close to that duster, if you know what I mean?). Wow, I sound old (queue the grumpy old man guarding his lawn). This is a hell of a lot of work! I got some great advice from the ONE blogger that talked to me! By the way, for the record, it wasn’t like I was asking a heck of a lot of people for advice, but he helped me and was so awesome and cool about it. So, when I become more educated on this damn site, and posting, and the “why the HELL isn’t this being posted under that,” and whatnots I would sincerely be open to helping another clueless person with the process.


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