I’m obsessed with skincare! And, I’ll admit it I’M VAIN! Not the whole, “stare at yourself in the mirror vanity,” but instead it’s more the wrinkle buster and decrease that pore sort of vain. I’ll admit that I care about how I look too. I don’t mind saying it out loud either! We should care about our personal appearance, shouldn’t we? Look, I’m usually in a pair of sweats, old tennies, and an older t-shirt. My hair is usually bundled on top of my head. BUT, I’m really vain about my skin. When did that line on my forehead start to resemble the Grand Canyon???? What are you vain about? Don’t be shy, and don’t feel bad for admitting it! *I also am not ashamed to admit that I love school! Absolute geek at heart…*

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